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12 Amazing Paper Facts You May Not Know About

Office paper, craft paper, toilet paper – They may all be everyday humble items – but it is also amazing! Read our fascinating paper facts to find out why you need to take a closer look at this crafting staple…


Paper Facts

1. It’s nothing new

Paper is nearly two thousand years old, being invented in 105 AD in China, in the Han Dynasty. Before this time, materials such as papyrus were used – as well as vellum and animal skins!

2. The biggest producers of paper

Today, the USA and Canada are the biggest producers of paper and its related products in the world – rapidly followed by Japan, Finland and Sweden, which produce large volumes of newsprint and wood pulp. In the USA, each person consumed around 800 pounds worth of paper in 1999.


3. Global scale

On a world scale, over 299,000 metric tonnes of paper and related products were produced in 1997, which equates to around 200,000 cars in weight!


4. Computers don’t slow growth …

You might think that the digital age was slowing down the growth of paper usage, but it just isn’t the case. In fact, over the last two decades, total paper usage of the top ten industry users has hit 208 million tonnes, from 92 million; representing a growth rate of 126pc.


5. Paper Facts, recycling is on the up too

The good news is that recycling is also big news. Thanks to cardboard and paper recycling in 2008, a whopping 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide was saved, which equates to the removal of around 3,250,000 cars from the roads.


6. Paper Facts, Recycling is becoming quicker

As well as becoming more common, recycling is getting even faster, with it taking just one week now for a recycled newspaper to be processed and made back into another newspaper. Now that is some speedy sustainability!

7. Taking recycling seriously

Today in the UK, around 67% of our paper has been recycled. You can buy virgin and recycled craft paper of all shapes, colours and sizes from Paper Cutz.


8. It’s not all wood product

Fascinatingly, some paper isn’t actually made from wood – but rather cloth. For example, banknotes are made from a more durable cotton fibre.


9. The wealth of a single tree

Estimations suggest that a single pine tree can produce more than 80,000 sheets of paper, although this is notoriously difficult to measure.


10. It can be big…

According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest sheet of handcrafted paper was produced in Japan in 2009. It measured 45 by 22 feet. Wow!


11. And it can fly…

Three years ago, a new world record for paper aeroplanes was set by Joe Ayob, who made his plane – designed by a certain John Collins – fly over 69 metres!



12. It can only fold so far

A piece of paper no matter how big it is, can only be folded in half 13 times – a feat which has only been achieved once in 2012 by a school team in the States.


Do you know something amazing about paper that we’ve missed?


Source: Pcutz-live

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