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Splendorgel Paper 3 Ways to Use It

Giuseppe Antonio Fedrigoni is the creator of the ever popular Splendorgel paper. After a long career in paper commerce, Fedrigoni began to produce his own paper in 1888 at the Verona Paper Mill.


Splendorgel Paper

The Fedrigoni Splendorgel Paper Ultra Fine Extra White Board boasts a luxurious velvety surface. Ideal for art and craft projects when you want to make a great impression. Splendorgel is supplied in packs of 50 to 500 sheets, this paper is produced in stocks from 160 GSM to 400 GSM. Sizes A4, A3 and A2 available. Splendorgel paper is ideal for a range of projects, including brochure making, graphic printing, business cards. As well as general high-spec jobs which require superior presentation and a tactile finish.

splendorgel paper

  1. Brochure Making and High-Spec Jobs

For brochure making, the paper offers a high-resolution colour and superior print finish. Generally speaking, high-spec print jobs will use this type of paper for its ink-holding qualities, and beautiful cut finish when jobs come off the press.


  1. Graphic Prints

For graphic prints, the finish offers exceptional colour density and flexibility of weight, depending on the required finish. The ultra-white finish is ideal for digital print production, and there is an ivory finish available too for more classic print finishes.


  1. Business Cards

Business cards are perfect printed on thick Spendorgel stocks – up to 400 GSM for the most luxurious cards and with a silk like matt finish. The typical weight for a business card is 340 GSM, and the Splendorgel paper provides an exceptional finish. A remarkably smooth and even surface for consistent ink formation. This paper is also ideal for other finishes, including foils, spot UV and matt laminate. Can also be used for graphic prints and brochures when special effects are required.


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