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Autumn Themed Stationery How to make Dividers using Pearlescent Card

We are very happy to welcome the first in a series of guest posts to the Papercutz blog! This is where we invite the most talented and creative paper crafters around to work their magic, using a selection of our paper and card. Please give a warm welcome to the wonderful Sachiko.

Pearlescent Card: How to make autumn themed stationery dividers

Hi! My name is Sachiko, and I’m a stationery lover! I’m also the owner of Cute Organizing and love creating things like dividers and refills for organizers like Filofax.

Most people these days keep all their plans and information on their gadgets like smart phones. It’s probably the most convenient way, however I still love to use pens and paper to keep everything in my life organized so I can’t live without my Filofax!

I received a selection of gorgeous colourful cards from PaperCutz which has put me in a really creative mood! The pearlescent card is absolutely gorgeous, and the thickness is perfect for dividers as well.

Autumn Themed Stationary

So let’s start making dividers! First of all, I sketch on paper to sort out my ideas. Here you can see some Autumn designs!

Then I use my Silhouette Cameo to get the cards cut out, and I create my design on Photoshop and set up the file on Silhouette Studio.

The Silhouette Cameo does all the cutting! Phew!

Now that the cover page is cut out, I glue small pieces of brown card (Tuscan Brown) on the back as shown below and then punch holes. I use some foam tape to stick the gold card and red card together.

Ta-da! The cover page is done! I used the foam tape to stick them together because I wanted to give it a slight 3D effect.

I cut out the window at the bottom so that I can see my registration number through it.

I also designed four dividers and cut them out using the Silhouette Cameo.

I also designed four dividers and cut them out using the Silhouette Cameo. So now the dividers are done as well! Here comes the most exciting part- setting them all up in my Filofax!!


At the top of the dividers is a little forest!

I used 4 colours for my dividers, but PaperCutz sells all kinds of paper in different colours and thickness. If you aren’t sure which paper to order, you can request a free sample so you’ll be able to see and touch the actual paper!

Autumn has arrived and the nights are drawing in. Why not get some colourful paper card and try some crafting at home?



Source: Pcutz-live

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