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Black Craft Paper 4 Spooky Halloween Decorations

Time to gather up your orange and black craft paper, glitter, paints and glue as it’s Halloween, and that means plenty of crafting opportunities! This is the perfect opportunity to make beautiful homemade decorations. Here is our pick of the best!

Black craft paper Halloween decorations

1. Creepy Halloween Spider Webs

Black Craft Paper

You’ll need

  • Black craft paper and white craft paper – from 90 – 120gsm
  • Silver spray
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Everyone remembers the fun of making snowflakes at school and you can use the same technique to make Halloween spider’s webs too! Get a piece of thin craft paper – ideally 100gsm in weight, and fold it in half, and then once again.

Fold the top corner downwards, so that you have a 60 degree angle from the midpoint e.g. so you are folding the paper into thirds. Fold it this way again so that you have a narrow triangle shape.

Cut the excess paper away so that you have a neat triangle. From this point, cut slots into the triangle, not cutting the central column so that the paper stays intact. Gently unfold the paper and you’ll find a fantastic spider web! Spray it with a little silver and accessorise with a suitably creepy spider!

2. Origami Bat Mobile


You’ll need:

  • Craft paper – ideally 90gsm
  • A branch, a stick or hanger
  • Wool or thread
  • Scissors

An origami bat mobile is a great addition to a Halloween themed room or to hang over a table of party food! Start by making the origami bats. These may take a little practice, but are worth persevering with.

Get some craft paper and cut it into a square. Fold it on the diagonal, bringing the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Point the tip of the triangle towards you, and then fold the top side down, leaving a little section of paper visible at the bottom tip.

You can now fold the flap you created in the previous stage, and line it up with the top edge. You’ll now need to create the body in the middle of this long wing section – so pleat in the right and left ends to make this middle bit. Turn the bat over and then fold the wings down. You can also create two little ears by folding down the top corners of the body.

If you make a few of these, you can hang them with coloured threads or wools of different lengths from a branch. Why not further decorate your mobile with glittery stars or pom poms, or drape the mobile with orange streamers. Hang it somewhere visible, it will provide a real centrepiece for your Halloween celebrations!

3. Black Craft Paper Halloween Bunting


You’ll need

  • Thick craft paper (around 350gsm)
  • Brightly coloured wools
  • A hole punch

Gather some thick sheets of craft paper in suitable colours, perhaps a blood red, a pumpkin orange, bat black, gungy green and an inky blue for the darkest of nights. Use these to cut out themed shapes for your bunting.

Use a pen to draw the shapes on before cutting them. Good motifs could be stars and moons, black cats, witches hats, Jack o’ Lanterns, skulls and ghosts. When you have a good selection, punch a hole in each side of the shape. Take a short length of brightly coloured wool and use it to secure two shapes together. Repeat until you have a string of bright and eye-catching shapes in a long line of bunting. You can decorate them with glitter, coloured shapes, gold stars or spray paint to make them really stand out!

You could also use this same approach to make a long line of bunting with one character theme for example, spooky witches, ready for customising. Use really thick craft card in this instance 270gsm is ideal, and glue coloured wools to the witches head, for hair, and scraps of coloured net fabrics for a dress. You can also stitch thick and bright wools into craft card to make outlines, seams and features such as eyes and mouths.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some real crafting inspiration and the great thing is that they are very customisable and flexible, so you can make them as simple or as complex as you wish!

4. Monsters at the window


You’ll need:

  • Black craft paper – ideally 120gsm
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A curtain net
  • A small lamp

Craft paper is a fantastic craft item, particularly for Halloween, and it’s used to great effect with this simple and surprisingly effective spooky craft! First, choose a window and measure it up. Take several large sheets of black craft paper, and sketch out a series of large ghoulish characters, such as ghosts, witches or spooky monsters. You will only need to draw an outline, as you will be cutting out these shadowy forms.

Once you are happy with your selection, cut them out, and make holes where the eyes will be. Now, take your monster cut-outs and lightly tape them to the chosen window. These will create a line of shadowy shape outlines. Hang a net curtain or voile behind them, and then place a dim light on the windowsill, ideally an orange coloured one (you could cover a cool LED lamp with some orange cello to create creepy orange glow.)

From the front of the house it will appear as if you have a line-up of creepy characters peering out of the room into the street below, illuminated with an eerie light – great for giving those trick or treaters a shiver!

Which Halloween decorations are you going to make?

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