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Card Blanks How to use to make Christmas Cards

Christmas is not just about finding the perfect gift but also the right card to accompany it. card blanks offer the ideal solution to make your own highly personalised Christmas or greetings card. The benefits of using card blanks is that they are one hundred percent customisable and are also available in numerous different shapes, sizes and colours too.

Card blanks: Getting started

The best is to start early! Shop around a good couple of months before the busy Christmas rush to pick up card blanks, matching envelopes (very important not to forget!), coloured or glitter pens, inserts and ribbon – whatever you will be using for your own unique design. By starting early you can take your time to find exactly the right combination of materials for your special card.

Christmas cards for family members

Friends and family are the people that know you best of all and so a personalised Christmas card will earn you extra brownie points. If you are putting together a special card for a husband, wife or partner, why not decorate the front of your card with a photograph (or drawing).

You could use a favourite beauty spot that you may have visited together, or something that invokes a special shared memory. For the inside write a heartfelt message, preferably in your own hand, which reflects the year you have enjoyed and your thoughts and dreams for the year to come.

With extended family such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, why not put together a montage of the things you have got up to during the year? If you have a family yourself, include images of the children.  You could even invite your children them to contribute to the design. Nothing is as warmly received at Christmas than a card designed by grandchildren for a loving grandparent.

Christmas cards for friends


When designing an individual card for friends, it may be worth injecting a little humour, both into the message and the card themselves. Some news about the past year can be included in the message inside, particularly if the card is going to friends that you may not have seen for a little while. Remeber, people like to be kept informed of your family’s wellbeing.

Christmas cards for work colleagues


Playing it safe, tasteful and understated is the best advice when designing cards for work colleagues. Again it’s perfectly fine to include a message and images from your family as a whole.

Ultimately, making your own Christmas cards, designing both the front and the inside message, offers you the unique opportunity to add a personal touch.

What are your top tips for designing your own Christmas cards?

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