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Greyboard What is it How Can it be Used?

If you ever wondered what Greyboard served a purpose for in the home or office, then read on to find out. We are going to show you just how easily it can be can be applied to a range of applications. Greyboard is a product that is made from 100% recycled materials and has many uses from ...
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Funky Crafts You Can Make With Your Feet

Did you know today is National I Love My Feet Day? Well you better believe it! So to celebrate we have rounded up our favourite funky crafts made especially with our talented feet. Make sure you have a flat container to apply the paint to your feet, and try out these designs. A3 – A4 card is a ...
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12 Amazing Paper Facts You May Not Know About

Office paper, craft paper, toilet paper – They may all be everyday humble items – but it is also amazing! Read our fascinating paper facts to find out why you need to take a closer look at this crafting staple…   1. It’s nothing new Paper is nearly two thousand years old, being invented in ...
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Paper Milk Cardstock The Gentleman Crafter

  Paper Cutz recently collaborated with the talented Gentleman Crafter, John Bloodworth. The artistic Gentleman Crafter has been working with a lovely range of  paper milk from Paper Cutz. John works with a range of paper and techniques to create a stunning array of projects, including ...
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