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Coated Paper vs Un coated Paper for Printing

The difference between coated paper vs Un Coated, is interesting, if you want to find out more then read on.  We are going to show you just how easily these papers can be can be used for a range of applications, in the home & office.

Made with clay coated paper is a product that has many uses.


coated paper

Coated Paper at Work

Coated paper is more resistant to dust, humidity and wear. It also makes the printed material shinier, thus being the reason for its use in the printing of magazines, book covers, glossy photos and art books. Gloss paper is shinier than silk coated paper.

The coating on the paper limits the amount of ink that can be absorbed by the paper, and just how the ink bleeds into the paper.

Any Coating on a paper makes it in general very smooth and can either be very glossy and shiny (high gloss) or have a subtle shine (Silk matte). Moreover way, coated paper will have a great effect on the appearance and usefulness of the printed item.

Coated papers restrict the amount of ink that will be absorbed by the paper and how ink bleeds into the paper. Necessary for sharp and complex images as ink stays on top of the paper and will not wick or bleed. Commonly reducing the sharpness of the printed material.

Although you might well consider desirable, gloss and silk paper can be unattractive for the back of business cards.  This is due to the coating on the paper which does not take well to pen ink or writing and lots of individuals like to write on the rear of business cards.


Gloss vs Silk Coated Paper

Gloss paper has a shinier coating than silk paper. This is why you will see gloss paper used for promotional materials where things should pop. Silk paper typically used for office reports, because it has a silk finish that is not shiny.  Silk coated paper has a finish that is somewhere between a gloss and a matt finish.


UnCoated Paper

Uncoated paper (matt paper) is preferred for applications with lots of text.  The natural texture properties of uncoated paper allow printer ink to infiltrate the top later of the paper.  Thus, allowing the ink to sink into the pours roughages.  Coated paper reflects much more light than uncoated paper does.  This can make it harder to read long paragraphs of text.  The main consideration here is what touch you want to portray when you achieve you final product.


Super Smooth UnCoated

Fed through a machine many times, to achieve a super smooth uncoated paper sheet.  One example is that the super smooth finish achieved by rolling the paper many times, which makes this paper special. Generally used for letterhead, envelopes and printed material that is aiming for a more prestigious or elegant look. University booklets, real estate brochures and menus for elegant restaurants are generally printed on this paper to give a prestigious feel.


You’ve may have already noticed that all kinds of finishes exist when it comes to the choice of paper. One example is that the use of uncoated paper use increased as a substitute for promotional materials to give them a more exclusive and high-class feel.


What do you use coated papers for? Please help others by sharing with a reply below

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