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Card Crafts Coloured for the Childrens Easter Half Term

Card Crafts

Easter is a great time for kids to get crafty and really let their creativity flow. With a few craft basics such as pens, glue, coloured card and scissors, your little artists can create all manner of beautiful projects.


1. Coloured Card Mosaics




Choose a picture that you’d like to make, and create a template by drawing your design onto paper. Take your coloured card and cut it into strips of about 1.5 cm in width.


Next, cut the strips into triangular, square and rectangular pieces. The shapes can be messy or neat for different effects. Younger children can just tear the card, rather than cut it. Then, simply glue your pile of coloured card pieces to the picture and fill in the design bit by bit.


2. Accordion Fold Toys



To make animals or people, take your coloured card, cut two strips and glue the ends together at a right angle. Then fold the strip back onto itself to create a zig zag until you reach the end. Glue the end to secure it and then proceed to make the body, head and other sections before gluing the final character together.


3. Hand Print Crafts



This is a really fun craft activity and simply requires your little crafter to draw around their hand several times and cut out the shape. Use different coloured cards to make a range of creations such as animals, bunting, masquerade masks and so forth.


4. Handmade Mobile



You can create a lovely mobile for a bedroom by picking a cheerful theme, such as animals, shapes, flowers or space. Then simply sketch and cut out different designs in bright card before you hang them all together with ribbon or coloured string.


5. Wall Hangings



You can display your crafts on the wall to create a striking feature. Simply cover the wall with your accordion people, hand print designs, mosaic pictures and any other Easter crafts. To do this all you need are pegs and string and voila, all of your beautiful handmade Easter creations are on display for all to see.


Why not try out one of our Half Term crafts and send us your pictures?


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