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Coloured Card Make Your Own Original Party Bunting

Coloured Card

Bunting is a fantastic way to decorate for special occasions. It is easier than you think to create unique bunting using coloured card and a few other accessories. Follow the steps below to display your special message on a stunning banner.


How to Make Your Coloured Card Bunting..


  1. Firstly, decide on your message. It could be a simple “Happy Birthday” or you could personalise it to include a name or special phrase. You may choose to print the letters using templates from the internet or write the message by hand. Either way, the next step is to cut the letters out neatly.


  1. Now decide what size and shape you want the flags to be. They can be all the same or alternating shapes. Simple shapes such as circles, flags and triangles are easy to use, but you could go for something more intricate such as animal shapes or vehicles, depending on the occasion. Suitable designs can be found on the internet.


  1. Using white card, make a template to draw round to create your flags. There are many different shades of coloured card to choose from, or you may prefer delicate pearlescent paper like the Butterfly Effect Paper finished with a pearl shine or luxury pearlescent card for occasions such as weddings.


  1. The letters can be attached to the flags using a glue stick or double-sided tape. Arrange the flags in the correct order, and attach them to ribbon or string. The easiest way to do this is by taping them on, but you can thread ribbon through small holes or slits cut in each side of the flags for a more professional look. Then all you have to do is find the perfect location for your banner and get the party started.


Do you have a special occasion coming up? Why not make your own bunting?


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