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How to Make Animal Craft Card Easter Egg Boxes

Easter Egg Boxes

Animal craft card Easter Egg Boxes are a fun way to store your Easter treats. You can make them in any animal shape you want and they are really easy to make. Follow the instructions below to make your own Easter bunny egg box.


What You Will Need:


  • A4 craft card in pink, white and black
  • A printer.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue stick.
  • And finally, some delicious Easter treats.


Your Box Template

How to Make Your Bunny Craft Card Easter Egg Box


  1. First of all, you will need to print the box template above on your chosen A4 craft card.


  1. Once you have your template printed out, proceed to cut the box out along the black lines.


  1. Next, neatly fold along each of the dotted lines. Glue the flaps in place to the inside of the box so they are hidden. You should now have an open-topped box, put this to the side for now.


  1. On your white card, draw a circle shape for the bunny’s head, two ovals for the ears, two small circles for the eyes and four thin strips for the whiskers.


  1. Using the pink craft card, draw two ovals slightly smaller than the white bunny ears and a small pink heart for the nose. You will also need two small black circles of card for the eyes. Now cut out all your shapes.


  1. Starting with the eyes, glue your two small white circles you cut out earlier in place, and then glue the smaller black circles on top.


  1. Next, glue the whiskers and the little pink heart nose in place.


  1. To make your ears, glue the two pink ovals inside the slightly larger white ovals, and then glue them to the back of the bunny’s head.


  1. For the bunny’s feet, take your two ovals of white craft card and smaller circles of your pink, and glue them in place to resemble a paw. You will now need to glue the feet to the front of the box you made earlier.


  1. Next, glue your bunny head to the back of the box, facing inwards.


  1. Finally, fill your box with delicious Easter treats and enjoy!


We would love to see your animal craft card Easter egg boxes! Why not share them with us?


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