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How to Make Festive Finger Puppets using Craft Paper

At this time of year, craft paper puppets are always a popular choice to make with all the family. In this blog, we’re going to look at three different approaches to make craft paper finger puppets and use them to make three traditional Christmas characters: Santa, a snowman and a reindeer. Each technique can be adapted to make any characters desired, so if one method proves more successful than the other, feel free to use it to make the entire set of puppets.

Festive finger craft paper puppets

How to make a snowman

Craft Paper Puppets

To create a basic snowman finger puppet, take a piece of white craft paper which is relatively sturdy and fold it in half lengthwise. Turn it so that the fold is at the top of the shape. Draw a half oval shape at the bottom, touching the bottom edge. This forms the snowman’s body. Add a circle at the top for his head, overlapping slightly.

The whole shape needs to be proportionate to fitting on to the chosen finger, whether adult sized or smaller. Cut around the whole outline, being sure to cut through both layers of paper. This will create a pair of identical shapes.

At this stage, draw features on to the top piece: this could include a row of black buttons on his stomach, eyes and a carrot for a nose, a scarf and a hat. All that is then left to do is to use a normal glue stick, run a narrow line of glue all the way around the cut edge of the lower piece and stick the decorated snowman shape on top. When dried, the gap between the pieces of paper at the bottom is where the finger can be inserted to bring the puppet to life!

How to make a reindeer

A different way to make a finger puppet is to make the finger section and reindeer separately. Firstly, take the craft paper and choose a brown piece, or one which is another suitable reindeer colour.

Draw the shape of a reindeer’s face: this is basically a circle with pointed oval ears and antlers. Older children can cut out a smaller pale circle and stick this on top to create a snout effect, with another smaller red circle on top of that for a nose. Alternatively, use crayons or pencils to draw on the appropriate features and then cut out the whole shape.

To make the finger section, take another piece of sturdy paper in a complementary colour and roll it around the chosen finger in order to make a tube of an appropriate size and use tape or glue to fix it together. Remove the tube from the finger, then flatten and fold the top half over, then glue this to the back of the reindeer face. This can then be worn on the end of the finger with ease.

How to make Santa

Alternatively, another simple way to make a larger finger puppet like Santa is to start with a red piece of craft paper and draw a large triangle with a straight bottom edge. The width of the bottom side needs to be approximately the same as the width of three fingers. The top of the triangle is Santa’s head.

This could have a piece of cream or coloured paper stuck onto it for his face, then decorated using pens and pencils to add his features. Another idea is to use pieces of cotton wool to make the furry trim of his hat and coat, stuck on with glue. At the bottom edge, draw two circles and cut them out to make holes for the fingers. This two finger puppet is ideal for storytelling, as it means Santa is able to ‘walk’ around on his ‘legs’ too.

Which finger puppet are you going to make this Christmas? 

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