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Wedding Scrapbook How to Make with Craft Paper

This week we are celebrating all things matrimony with a guide to making a wedding scrapbook using craft paper. Pull together all of your photos, quotes and other precious mementoes into one beautiful book to preserve your memories of your big day.

Craft paper: Wedding scrapbook styles and themes

There is plenty of inspiration online thanks to websites such as Pinterest and Instagram. You’ll find immediately that some use lots of colours and embellishments and others are simpler and focus on photography and wording.

A good colour scheme often matches the one chosen for the wedding itself, and this will mean that your design complements the colours found in the wedding photos themselves.

How do I get started?

wedding scrapbook

1. Gather your memorabilia

This could include speeches and readings from the day, pressed flowers, an invitation, place-card, menu or ribbon.

2. Select your photographs

Opt for a variety of sized prints such as large size 5 x 7 inch prints alongside the typical 4 x 6 size. A few 8 x 10 are also wonderful show-stoppers for your ‘hero’ prints – just make sure that they are professional in quality. A few of these super-size photos will look wonderful as standalone pages throughout your scrapbook.

3. Consider your craft paper and card

Thick cream or matt ivory craft paper is a great base, or go for a pastel shade that will fit within your chosen colour theme. Black can also work very well and matt scrapbook papers will complement any composition.

4. Buy your supplies

Select your desired craft paper, embellishments and remember to have PVA glue, a ruler, cutting knives or craft scissors and glue dots for holding photos in place. Adhesive glue dots are great, as are spray glues and glue pens for small and intricate embellishments.

5. Opt for a range of speciality papers

These can be in your chosen colours, as well as basic white or ivory cardstock. Pearl or matt black cardstock is also great for creating contrasts. Also order some vellum sheets on which you can print text, and choose metallic papers in colours such as cream and silver to finish your pages.

6. Attention to detail

For embellishments, use tools such as a corner punch and edge punch to help you achieve a beautiful finish, such as a scallop or floral lace. Hearts, flowers and stars are typical motifs, but use whichever ones are meaningful for you. High-quality ribbons are luxurious and plain paper string works beautifully as a contrast.

7. Making the Book

Draw up a rough page plan that tells the story of the day to help you structure your scrapbook. Many find it helpful to work through each blank page and to plan each spread before fixing each photograph.

Have you made your own wedding scrapbook? If so, why not share it with us.

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