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Craft Papers 5 Ideas When Travelling this Season

If you’re travelling this summer, make fun things out of craft papers to make the journey more exciting. Whether you’re travelling by plane, boat or hitting the road, we’ve got you covered.

1. Craft Papers – Dolls


Before your travels begin, search the internet for templates of dolls or feel free to draw your own. Print them on to craft paper and cut them out.


Craft Papers


Think of fun ways to dress up your dolls on the journey. Take inspiration from your travel destination and make sure your dolls are dressed weather appropriate for where you’re heading. They’re on their holidays as well after all.


2. Travel Game Portfolio

Keep yourself entertained on your travels by making portfolio of all your favourite games. Play alone or with your travel buddy. Your portfolio could include, word searches, dot to dots, crosswords, colouring in, hangman or noughts and crosses.



Print out all of your games and compile them all into a booklet before you travel. Hours of fun and easy to transport.


3. Printable Travel Bingo

Perfect for car journeys, travel bingo is fun and easy to play. You can either make your own template or get one off the internet. Using card, cut out squares for counters.



How to play: Each player has their own board and chips. When a player spots an item on their board, such as a mountain, they place a chip on the picture. The first one to fill the board wins.


4. Travel Diary

A travel diary is a great way to record your all of your exciting holiday activities. Take a few minutes each day to note down your daily events.



After your holiday, put all your notes together to make a scrapbook. You might even want to add pictures from your holiday to go with your d It is a perfect keepsake for looking back on and reminiscing on the good times.


5. Finger Puppets

With a creative, young imagination, the games you can make out of finger puppets are endless. You could make puppet animals, people or what about a little paper version of you and your family. Glue them together and once complete, you guarantee the rest of the journey will be a peaceful one.



Have you made any crafts whilst travelling recently? Why not share them with us?


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