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Crafting Card What to do with Leftovers: 3 Inspiring Ideas

Ever wondered what to do with leftover crafting card? It’s too good to simply throw away, but you just haven’t got around to figuring out how to use it yet. We understand your predicament and want to show you 3 inventive ways in which we use our leftover card at Paper Cutz.

Top 3 Crafting Card Creations


1. Pretty note cards

crafting card

You will need:
Leftover patterned paper
Leftover card

Paper punches (stars, butterflies and hearts work well)
Sewing machine


1. Making pretty note cards is a fantastic way to use up all your little scraps of patterned paper and coloured card that you have been collecting. Take your selected pieces and cut or hole punch three of the same shape.

2. Next fashion little note cards. The size of the note is completely up to you. Mini note cards are great and the smaller they are, the more you can make!

3. Fold the note down the middle to create the card effect. Lay your three patterned shapes, one on top of the other, in the centre of the front panel.

4. Using your sewing machine, stitch down or along the centre of the card, starting a little way in from the edge, across the shapes and back onto the card, stopping an even distance from the bottom or the edge of the card. The sides (or top and bottom) of your shapes will fan out slightly, creating a pretty 3D effect.

This is a simple but very effective way to use up leftover crafting card and save money on buying notelets too! Don’t be afraid to vary the shapes and patterns. You can even reverse the design by using patterned card and plain shapes. If you have enough card left over you could make some envelopes to go with your pretty little notes.

2. Colourful organisers


You will need:
Leftover craft card – plain or patterned
Empty baby formula tins
Glue (spray adhesive works best)


1. Take the tins, remove the label and wash and dry the tins.
2. Take your leftover card and cut it to fit exactly round the outer surface of the tin.
3. Spray on the adhesive and stick it on.
4. Allow to dry and hey presto, you have a handy pot.

You can use them to store anything from pencils and brushes, to some pretty flowers from the garden. Choose tins in a variety of shapes and sizes and you have a fantastic solution for storing all manner of things. Neat, tidy and looks great!

3. A card canvas ‘quilt’


You will need:
Leftover craft card – preferably in a range of colours and patterns
Hexagon template (make this or buy online from a local craft store)
A blank canvas or board – any size


1. Cut out as many hexagonal shapes as you like.

2. If you have chosen to include some or all blank hexagons, you can decorate each one individually. School children will love to draw a self portrait to be added to the ‘quilt’. Alternatively, use craft glue and glitter to make each one special.

3. Glue each hexagon on to the canvas or board in a ‘quilt’ pattern and allow to dry.

4. Display your beautiful and individual quilt.

This is a fantastic project for schools or any group. The project can be as big or small as you like and everyone can contribute towards making it. There are just so many different ways to use leftover scraps of card, as well as the ideas above, you could try making wall art, fun letters for pre-schoolers, place names and a whole host of other fun makes.

Paper crafting is so much fun

Possibly one of the most satisfying things about crafting using left over or recycled materials is feeling that you have got as much as possible out of your art supplies. It is possible to make some really beautiful ornaments and gifts using really very little. This not only saves you money, but is so much better for the environment. Those receiving the handmade presents will appreciate that you have taken the time to make them a personalised gift. Best of all, crafting is fun for both adults and children.

Which are your favourite leftover card crafting card ideas?

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