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Custom Paper Cutting 6 Ideas To Use at Home and Work

Custom Paper Cutting

If you ever wondered what Custom Paper Cutting served a purpose for in the home or office, now read on to find out. We are going to show you just how easily it can be can be applied to a range of applications.

Custom Paper Cutting is a service that has many uses from creating shop displays, greeting card blanks, origami, envelope making, model making & mounting art prints.

Custom Paper Cutting is a popular choice for home or office paper projects where a bulk purchase of paper must be cut to a certain size.  The difficulty of cutting a large qty of paper that must be the same size can be quite challenging at in the office or at home, without the use of an industrial cutting machine.


Creating Shop Displays

Custom Paper Cutting is the ideal choice for creating product promotions in shop window counter displays.  An example of use is small rectangle shape price display card which are cut to the same size in bulk, therefore allowing the shop keeper to create eye catching displays.

Custom Paper Cutting

Greeting Card Blanks

When used with the crease service we can cut and crease for example a custom size card blank. An example of use where a bespoke card blank size is created on the cutting machine. The card blank could be professionally scored using a creasing machine.  Particularly useful when creating large batches of greeting card blanks.




Another example of the cutting service at work is paper cut into small squares aimed at suited for origami designers. The cutting machine allows us to create square sizes of paper and a popular choice for making custom sized origami.



Custom Size Envelopes

Create a custom size envelope by using the custom paper cutting service. Create any size of paper which can then fold into a hand made envelope.  The paper cutting machine will cut almost any paper gsm or micron to any size from A1 to A7.


Model Making

Use the paper cutting service to create the size of base material you require, this might then be applied to an handmade model set. The cutting machine can be used to cut through a piece of card that is upto 3mm thick.


Mounting Art Prints

Custom sized backing card for mounting art prints can be cut to size on the cutting machine.


What did you use Custom Size paper for?  Please leave a comment below


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