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Day Glo Paper: How to Make Neon Gift Wrapping

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Sammy here, one half of blogging duo and crafty gurus ‘Live it. Love it. Make it.’ I love day glo paper crafts and gift wrapping, so when Papercutz asked me to guest post for them I could not refuse. I wanted to show you that Christmas doesn’t have to be about red or green and that with a few simple tools you can make some really special looking wrapping that will be as impressive as the gifts inside. Of course you can use these techniques with any colour combination, for any time of the year, but I love the unexpected day glo paper colour combination of the Kraft with neon paper for Christmas.

day glo paper

Day Glo Paper punches are some of my most used things for paper crafts, because there is no wastage, you can use both the piece that you punch out and the hole that is created from the cut. I have used a selection of my favourite mini punches for this project. A simple, single hole punch, a mini hole, a star and a double slit punch.

For starters, they create great confetti, let me show you some ways in which you can use them when you are gift wrapping.

Day Glo Paper Confetti Tape

Step 1. Use your punches to make your confetti (don’t throw away the paper or card that you have punched from we will use it later)

Step 2. Take a piece of plastic packaging or a plastic bag and sprinkle your confetti in a line on to the plastic.

Step 3. Take a length of sellotape and smooth it down over the top of you line of confetti.

Step 4. Carefully peal the sellotape off the plastic. You have just created confetti tape!

Step 5. Stick the awesome confetti tape to anything you like!

Step 6. Why not stick it straight on to some kraft paper and use it to wrap up a small gift.

Confetti tape is one of my favourite ways to dress up a simple gift. You can also use glue straight on to the wrapping paper in patterns (spots or stripes) and sprinkle confetti over the glue to create a cute little detail.

To make use of the paper and card that you punched your confetti from why not make some easy (fancy looking) bows.

Day Glo Paper Scrap Bows

Step 1. Take a strip of paper or card and cut it about two thirds of the way along to create one longer and one shorter length.

Step 2. With some double sided tape, attach the two ends of each piece together. Then push the middle together to make your bow shape.

Step 3. Use some more tape to stick the two bows together in the centre.

Step 4. Take a thinner strip of paper and tape it to the centre of the bows.

Step 5. Wrap it all the way around and secure it with some more tape.

Step 6. Stick it to your gifts!

These bows are really simple but look so professional, you can mix and match with colours and textures. And it’s a great way to use up scraps of wrapping paper that don’t quite fit around gifts.

Another great way you make use of those scraps is to use a larger punch or just free hand cut gift tags.

Neon Gift boxes

Making gift boxes for unusually shaped or small gifts is also a great idea, and this triangular shaped one looks spectacular, and is so simple to make from just on sheet of A4 card or day glo paper.

Step 1. Cut your sheet of card in half.

Step 2. Place double sided sellotape along the sort edge.

Step 3. Roll the other end around and overlap on to the sellotape to make a tube.

Step 4. Flatten one end of the tube and put three staples in the end, about 1cm in from the edge.

Step 5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other half of the card, overlapping the card a little more on the second one so it will fit inside the first.

Step 5. Squeeze open the ends of the tubes and they should slide nicely together.

Step 6. Twist the two ends so it creates a triangular box.

Step 7. Attach a tag or tie with ribbon to decorate.

This would be great filled with tissue paper for smaller gifts or stocking fillers.

The final technique I am going to show you is this fun gift topper that will make the most boring gift look amazing!

Kraft Fan Toppers

Step 1. Cut a strip of paper and fold it length ways

Step 2. Using the fold as the spine cut yourself some holly leaves. The fold will make them easier to cut out and will give them a nice 3D effect.

Step 3. Take a wider strip of paper ( it needs to be at least four times as long as it is wide, ie. 40cm long by 10cm wide) and fold it backwards and forwards in a concertina motion to make a fan.

Step 4. Using some twine or thick thread tie the centre of your fan tightly.

Step 5. Use some glue or tape to stick the free edges together. Fold the fan and hold it whilst the glue dries.

Step 6. Open out you fan and stick the other free edges together to create your circular fan.

Step 7. You can use the twine to tie them to your gifts (they look snazzy around the necks of wine bottles) or snip off the excess.

Step 8. Use a dot of glue and pop your holly leaves in place over the top of your fan.

I think these look really fun and you could add any Christmas shape if you don’t fancy holly. Why not have some fun with star shapes and snowmen?

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and will use them for your own Christmas wrapping this year, or indeed for birthdays and other celebrations too!


Live it. Love it. Make it.

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