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What is the difference between Boxboard and Cardboard?

What is the difference between cardboard and boxboard?

There are some noticeable differences between the two types of cardboard packaging known as cardboard and box board now read more about them.


Cardboard is a well known corrugated material.  If you look at a sheet of cardboard from a side angle you will see a layer of paper that is wavy inside.  There is also a layer of paper and card on top of each side.  In comparison Box board contains only one layer of paper that is perfectly flat.  Examples of box board uses are cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and other packaging products.

Folding Boxboard

Useful for application when the inside of the box is not essential for presentation purposes.  This is because the two sides of the board are different. Box board features a semi-gloss finish on one side and a natural uncoated finish on the other side.

There are different variations of boxboard. The cereal box type is usually available in one weight only, in comparison folding box board is manufactured in a range of weights up to 440gsm.  For Golf Score card print you will find the one-sided boxboard version is especially beneficial because a Biro pen can be used on the reverse side.  On the other side an impressive colour print or plain needle sharp text.

Cream Backed Board is exactly the same thickness and texture as the cereal box and tissue box applications.  Cream-backed box board is ideal for applications where a gloss finish on the outer side of the packaging is essential.

Due to the low cost to manufacture cardboard it has become an essential material in the packaging industry.  The relative ease of bailing cardboard in preparation of recycling makes it cost effective for the packaging industry.

What do you use boxboard for? Please leave a comment below.



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