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Classroom Display Papers: 7 Brilliant Inspring Ideas

Nothing beats an impressive classroom display! Using a selection of coloured display papers and lots of imagination, you can create an engaging and innovative environment that will delight young learners.

We’ve found 7 classroom displays that have put each school, child and teacher on the map. If you can do, or have done better then don’t forget to show us your finished masterpieces.

Display papers: 7 Brilliant Classroom displays

7. Reading Corner
Display Papers

This fun and artistic display celebrates the best of books and reading, it also clearly illustrates how the written word can translate into ideas, dreams and reality. It features a paper beanstalk that Jack would be more than happy to climb. Elegantly weaving from the pages of a giant book, the paper shoot soars up into the white scalloped paper clouds above. This would make for a superb library or book corner display that can be easily recreated using white, blue, pink and green display papers that have been pleated, twisted and layered.

6. The Titanic

This is the perfect example of how classrooms displays don’t need to be flat! Make use of dark corners and bring your classroom to life by manipulating display papers into 3D models. This Titanic display shows how simple it can be and how you can bring history to life with a showstopping co-ordinated, artistic display.

5. Space Travel

This space travel inspired installation surpasses the average 2D display and leaps into unknown territory! Using the surrounding wall to recreate the vast twinkling expanse of space, the freestanding replica space rocket provides an intimate and fun learning space. With papier-mache planets hanging from the ceiling to complete the theme, it’s time to crawl inside and blast off!!

4. Magical Animal Kingdom



The minute you enter this classroom you are transported into a magical paper jungle. Made completely from mixed-media, it uses paper streamers, soft toys, fabrics, display papers and textiles to create a colourful world where small children can sit and be inspired. The centrepiece is a river created from sparkling blue voile, and brightly coloured textiles are used for the flowers and plants.

3. Fun Science



This fun display of Einstein, complete with a stuffed shirt and cotton-wool beard, shows that science isn’t always serious.

2. Magical Gingerbread House

Even Hansel and Gretel would be tempted by this detailed gingerbread house. Painted plastic bowls are used to suggest large coloured sweets, and the children have helped to decorate the sweet house with their artworks. This once boring doorway now illuminates with fun!

1. Fun Castle

This funky castle works in a similar way by using basic paper and card to make a 3D entrance to a small children’s play area. It is utterly eye-catching and screams playtime, with a colourful flag and a little doorway to crawl through – great for nursery and reception classes.

Create your own impressive display

Remember to get your craft kit in place before creating a wall-based display. You’ll need high-quality display papers that are robust enough to withstand gluing, taping and stapling and which provide a good base for colour application.


There are plenty of different display papers available to suit your theme and topic, including plain papers, those with pretty scalloped edges, fluorescent papers and thicker corrugated-card versions. These come in different colours and sizes, so you can stretch the display along the wall. Look out for metallic shades for beautiful eye-catching accents that children will love to experiment with.

Don’t forget to share with us your best classroom displays, we would love to see your wonderful creations!

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