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Funky Crafts You Can Make With Your Feet

Did you know today is National I Love My Feet Day? Well you better believe it! So to celebrate we have rounded up our favourite funky crafts made especially with our talented feet. Make sure you have a flat container to apply the paint to your feet, and try out these designs. A3 – A4 card is a good size to lie on the floor while you do your foot painting, and little ones will enjoy helping out and getting messy.


1. Footprint Flowers

First up we have these beautiful bunch of flowers. To recreate this for your Grandma, draw three stems with a few leaves on each. Make them different lengths so that your finished flowers are displayed attractively on the page. At the tip of each stem, place your heel and press your foot down. Now, place your other heel in the same place and make another print at a slightly different angle. Complete for each flower. Beautiful!

foot crafts


2. Musical Guitar

For the little musicians out there, make a footprint with wood-colour paint and embellish it with guitar features such as a few strings and a bridge. Finish with a few musical notes and voila!



3. Crafty Lobster

You will need your hands as well as a foot for this one. Your foot is the lobster’s body, with the heel as the head. Draw a couple of antennae and longer lines outside each for arms to which you will add a handprint for the snappy claws.



4. LOVE Canvas Art

This is a great piece for the wall. Divide your square into quarters and print an “L” in the top left corner and an “E” in the bottom right. A handprint in the top right makes an “O”, while two footprints in the bottom left sector form the “V”. And there you have it, Love.



5. Easter Bunny

We know we’re a little late, or extremely early but we love this adorable Easter bunny. This is formed with two circles as the base, with footprints making up the long ears and the feet. Don’t forget to add the features, especially whiskers.



6. Flying Wicked Witch

Halloween isn’t too far away. This black footprint makes the body of the witch. All you need to do is draw the head at the top of the heel, add a hat and a broomstick and she will be ready to fly.



37. LOVE Sign

A handprint for the “O” again, and two footprints for the “V”, but this time the word LOVE is displayed in a conventional line to create this cool wall art. This would be perfect for a toddlers bedroom.



8. Ariel the Disney Princess Mermaid

Do we have any disney princess fans? We absolutely love this painting of the little mermaid! Using your footprint for the body and some of her tail, finish off the fin with a lick of paint and add her beautiful wavy mermaid hair.



Show us how amazing your feet are and share your foot crafts with us.


Source: Pcutz-live

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