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Greyboard What is it How Can it be Used?

If you ever wondered what Greyboard served a purpose for in the home or office, then read on to find out. We are going to show you just how easily it can be can be applied to a range of applications.

Greyboard is a product that is made from 100% recycled materials and has many uses from backing card to packaging, creating displays, model making & mounting art prints.




Greyboard Backing Card

Useful applications where the rigidity of the front or back cover is important. Examples of use as backing card are paper pads, books, and music sheets.


Since Greyboard is economical to purchase, it is, therefore, excellent for packaging. If you have ever purchased a tough envelope, then you may have noticed the envelope had more rigidity than a standard envelope. This is created by incorporating a piece of greyboard into the envelope.


You can use Greyboard to create displays and galleries, due to the sheets being large and strong.  Most noteworthy examples are the 2mm and 3mm thick greyboard.

Model Making

Create rigid models that will be able to withstand years of wear and tear.  Ideal for model makers, the ease of cutting with a small handheld cutting tool make it easy and fun to work with. Create hand crafted model scenes for your train railway, or scalextrix tracks using this versatile product.

Mounting Art Print

Thick and strong ideal for Mounting art prints or creating a design portfolio.  The rigidity of the board will protect your prints and art work from creases and folds, dust and bent corners and a small amount of moisture.

Manufactured in one shade, grey.  Shades can differ from batch to batch, as a result of the 100 percent recycled materials that are used to create the product.


What do you use backing boards for?

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