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Letter Head Paper What is the Best to use for Business?

letter head paper

Your business letter head paper can mean the difference between a brand and logo that stands out or fades away.  Both in the hands of the reader and the minds of the customers. If you consider that the first impression you make with a potential client may not be face to face. With this in mind the appearance of your paper letter head is not to be taken lightly. Be sure to have carefully considered different aspects of the letterhead paper such as the weight, colour, and finish and how well they embody the aims and aesthetic of your brand. Also consider how appropriate they are likely to be within your stationery system as a whole. This could include any business cards, notelets, envelopes, or promotional materials, for example.



Practicality Vs Appearance


While it can be tempting to select paper in colours or thicknesses that are memorable or unusual. Important to remember is that the vast majority of letterheads and stationery will be reproduced on a daily basis by standard office equipment. A textured font or foil finish may be striking in the prototype.  Bear in mind this can become illegible or at least lose its impact when reproduced by a standard photocopier or fax machine. Better to select a classic font and style that is legible and easy to reproduce. Simple and uncluttered and easy to standardise is preferable in almost all cases. It is, of course, only worth standing out for the right reasons.



Consider Environmentally Friendly Options


A contemporary way to stand out especially if your brand is environmentally conscious may be to select sustainably produced paper. You could also use a “tree free” variety sourced from recycled materials. It is possible to include notification within your design that details the environmental attributes of the papers you have chosen. Such as “Printed on recycled paper with 100% post-consumer content or processed chlorine free”. “Printed on 100% kenaf,” or “Printed on 50% recycled and 50% recycled and 50% tree free fibres”. Many clients and brands have reported that these varieties of paper produce excellent results and make a lasting and positive impression.

Test Out Your Letter head Paper


Finally, be sure to test your letterhead materials in a variety of ways, including faxing, printing, photocopying and so on.  This will ensure that the paper you have selected gives the expected result every time.

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