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Letterhead Paper 3 Fun Creations to Make in the Office

If you always thought letterhead paper served only one purpose in the office, then think again. Office paper can become so much more than a document with corporate blurb on it. We are going to show you just how it can be easily transformed with a little imagination.

Letterhead paper: 3 fun creations to make in the office


1. Make some noise, make a letterhead paper popper

letterhead paper

Paper Poppers are perfect if you’re feeling mischievous. Scare a colleague who is busy daydreaming or simply wake up the office with a tremendous clap! Very simple to make, you can do this in no time from the comfort of your office chair.

To begin, turn your piece of paper length ways (landscape) and fold it in half, taking care to keep it as straight and precise as possible. A top tip to help keep it straight is to start in the middle and fold outwards towards either end. Unfold it and proceed to fold the top half to meet the centre crease.

Keep the second fold in place and fold this in half again, this will give you a nice thick band at the top. Now fold this band down over the centre crease that was made in the first step. Flip it over and proceed to fold in half (portrait).

Now you’re ready to really have fun and to load the paper popper! Hold the bottom right end of the paper popper (the folded side) and use the other hand to slightly push the two pieces of paper on the open end forward until it reaches past the bottom edge. Keep this held down in place with your thumb and index finger. The centre part should still be able to slide and move.

Simply get into position, and pull it down super-fast over your head so the air catches the two open folds – and just like that, it should make an almighty CRACK!

Office games: Play Darts

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of darts? With a bit of creativity and ingenuity you can make your own for the office – it’s perfect for some friendly rivalry amongst colleagues at coffee time! For the darts, you’ll need unsharpened pencils. To create the point at the end, tape a push pin to the end of the pencil, with the top of the pin placed on the blunt end of the pencil. Remember to tape it as securely as possible.

Fold three post-it notes in half length ways and then fold again in half (portrait). The second fold acts as a crease and allows all three to be arranged with the creases meeting in the middle. Don’t forget to secure them together with a bit of tape and also to the pencil too!

The result is a three-pointed wing on the end of the pencil dart as seen in the picture. Make your dartboard using a sheet of office letterhead paper. Draw a dartboard on the paper and pin it to a bulletin board or other board with a cork or soft backing that will hold the darts when thrown. Now it’s time to start a game going with your fellow office colleagues.

Origami Animals: How to make a Swan

If your desk needs jazzing up a bit then take a plain sheet of paper and transform it into a beautiful swan. Start by folding the paper in half diagonally, so you create a triangle. Then, unfold it back to a square again. Fold the two edges across the centre crease to form a kite shape. Turn the paper over, and fold the sides of the kite shape into the middle crease again.

Fold the bottom (thinnest) point of the kite up to the top point of the kite shape. The thin point should be along the middle crease. Next, fold down a small part of the end of the thin point. Take the middle crease and fold it in half again. Holding the bottom of the triangle, pull up the thin point to the height you want your swan to be. Pull the little part out to make it look like a swan’s beak. Your paper swan is now complete and can be decorated, if you wish.

Do you have other ideas that you wish to share? If so, do not hesitate to share your best loved paper creations that keep you entertained when at work

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