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Mirror Card Craft 3 Ideas To Use Reflective Card Stock

Creating unique and original cards has become increasingly popular now that such a wide range of craft supplies are available including mirror card. As well as saving money, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your own creations will stand out and reflect your personality.

1. Send a Special Message

Cards for special occasions such as milestone anniversary cards are perfect creations to test out these craft supplies. Whether it’s a ruby, silver or gold anniversary, reflective card can be used for cutting out shapes such as hearts and flowers to embellish your card. You can mix holographic, mirror, corrugated and all types of different card in one creation to send a really special message.

mirror card

Special birthdays and Christmas (bit early we know), are also a good time to use these card supplies. Try creating a framed mirror on the front of the card and position embellishments in front of part of it for a dramatic reflective effect.


2. Draw-on Mirror Card

For a child’s card or for party invitations, why not try drawing your own figure and making a pop-up card? Draw a figure such as a ballerina, a clown or a fairy, and fold some colourful wrapping paper into a concertina to make the skirt, hat or other item of clothing. Stick mirrored card on the right-hand side of the inside of the card. Fix the figure and the neatly folded paper on it so that it pops up when the card is opened. The colourful images will be reflected when the card is opened. This makes a very impressive and professional-looking card. You could choose to make an envelope out of the same wrapping paper to finish the project.

3. Let’s Do Business

Business cards can say a lot about your business and you. Design-oriented businesses in particular need to be promoted with stylish and professional-looking cards, and reflective cards can create a real impact. Silversmiths, goldsmiths, nail technicians, musicians – many businesses can be well represented by handmade business cards that stand out from the rest.

Remember not to clutter up your card with unnecessary text. You can find suitable templates on the internet and use them to create unique business cards with mirrored reflective card. Attention to detail is crucial, so make sure the card gives the information your customer needs including all contact details and whatever design features you feel enhance your business profile. You can choose to have a blank reverse or to add printing. A mirror finish on your card will really make it stand out from the rest.


Have you made a reflective card creation? Why not share it with us?

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