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NCR Carbonless Paper Forms How to Create Your Own

carbonless paper

Carbonless paper has replaced carbon paper as a way to transfer information from a front sheet through to the sheets beneath. It is coated with a reactive clay, ink or dye that is micro-encapsulated. When pressure is applied to the top sheet, the capsules rupture, the print is transferred accurately to the lower sheet. Here’s how you can create your own carbonless paper forms:


Designing Your Template


Templates for many different forms such as invoice sets, delivery notes and estimates are downloadable from sites on the internet or from applications such as Microsoft Word. These can be customised to suit your business. For invoices, for example, you will need two copies of each template – the first printed with “Office Copy” and the second with “Client’s Copy”. This copy should have your terms and conditions printed on the reverse.


Printing Your Carbonless Paper Forms


Print your estimate and invoice number on the top right of each set of forms in sequence, with “Estimate No.____” on the top copy and “Invoice No.____” on the lower. Remember to change this sequence number for each set of forms you print. It is important to ensure that the paper is loaded correctly so that you are printing on the image side. Do a test copy to check that writing transfers from the top to the bottom page.  You cam use standard office laser printer equipment to print carbonless paper, as well as inkjet printer, digital and photocopier machines.


Using Your Carbonless Paper Forms


Match up the numbers in sequence and staple your printed forms together as you will need to use them. Choose from carbonless paper colours: white, green, blue, yellow and pink.



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