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NCR Paper What Is It How Can It Be Used?

If you have ever wondered what NCR paper served a purpose for in the home or office, then read on to find out.  We are going to show you just how easily this can be can be applied to a range of applications.

Made from carbon coated paper NCR Paper is a product that has many uses. From creating invoices, delivery notes, receipt pads, order forms and any other multi-part form need.


Carbonless NCR At Work

ncr paper

By IOKATAH – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,



Useful applications where the necessity to get a copy of a document quickly, ordinarily one for your business, and one for the customer.  NCR paper gives you the ability to write on it with a pen or pencil, the text will copy through to the remaining sheets on the set. You can purchase pre-collated sets of NCR paper, the most popular sets being, 2 part, 3 part & 4 part sets.

What does NCR mean?

NCR stands for ‘no carbon required’ you may have noticed blue carbon paper when using a cheque book.  Carbon paper is used to enable text to be transferred from one cheque book page to the other page. NCR paper does not require the blue piece of paper to be present. Specially coated NCR paper allows text transfer from sheet to sheet without the need to have a blue sheet present.

NCR paper is ideal for short and long print runs in the office and home office, because it is economical to purchase and easily stored.


NCR Paper Uses


Purchase Invoices & Delivery Notes

You can use NCR paper to create in-house prints, using a standard office laser printer.  You could design and print your own purchase invoices and delivery notes in your home office.  Use 2 part or 3 part sets to create multi coloured invoice sets.

Forms & Pads

This paper is ideal for creating forms and pads. You will discover NCR is ideal for forms where a copy of the original is essential. A good example would be to utilize a 4 part set to create 4 copies of a document simultaneously, consequently, copy is presented on all 4 sheets in the NCR set when a pen is used to write on the top sheet of the set.

Delivery Notes

Ideal to use as a set of delivery notes, where a customer signature is essential.


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