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Pearlised Card Crafts Father’s Day Special


Pearlised Card

Use Pearlised Card to Show Dad how much you care this Father’s Day by making him something unique. Arm yourself with some pearlised card, which comes in lots of different colours and is strong and pliable enough to lend itself to a variety of different crafts, ensuring that your gift will last for years to come.

Top 5 Pearlised Card Crafts

1. Shirt-Cuffs

Cut a rectangle of pearlised card 9 inches long and 3 ¼ inches deep, rounding off the top two corners. Carefully bring the two short sides together to form a cuff, and make four nicks in the card for the buttonholes. Now use a little wire to connect four buttons through the slits, and write or stencil your greeting on the cuff.


2. Shirt Pearlised Card

Wish your Dad a sophisticated Father’s Day by making him an unusual shirt and waistcoat card. We’ve found a great template for you here. You can get creative with your colour schemes or design it to match your Dad’s favourite shirt and tie. A great card design that’s easier that it looks to create.


3. Cake Toppers

All Dad’s love an edible gift! Get in the kitchen and make him a batch of delicious cupcakes. Finish off your treats with these cute little shirt toppers. Get folding some origami shirts and attach them to cocktail sticks and let Dad know how much he means to you with cake! The best part about this gift? You get to enjoy it too!


4. Hand/ Foot Print Crafts

Even the youngest of kids can help with hand-printed gifts – quite literally. Simply apply paint to the palm of their hands and press them down on your card to create completely unique works of art, made with love. Go mad with a range of colours and designs, then add your own messages to make Dad smile on his special day.



5. World’s Best Dad Badge

What Dad wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a rosette to show the world how special he is? Make your Best Dad trophy by cutting out strips of card – 8 strips of 3? x ½” and 8 strips of 4? x ½”.

Bend each strip in half without making a fold and glue the inside short ends together to make 16 loops. Now begin glueing the shorter strips to a circular piece of card around 1 ½” in diameter to make the first layer of your rosette. Once you’ve finished attaching the shorter pieces, glue the longer pieces behind them to fill out the gaps.

Now cut 2 further strips of card of 4? x 1? and cut out an inverted V-shape at the bottom end of each one. Attach them to the back of your rosette to make the ribbon tails. Finally, add a circular centrepiece saying ‘World’s Best Dad’, fix a safety pin to the reverse and award Dad with his prize!


How are you planning on wishing your Dad a Happy Father’s Day this year?

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