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Pub Menu Design | Card Stock, Layout Getting It Right

Pub Menu design

If your Pub Menu Design isn’t helping your pub food sell, there are steps you can take to rectify this. These can include redesigning the layout, content or changing the material you use to make it more appealing to the customer.


1. Where Did You Go Wrong?

If your menu isn’t working, then it is important to find out why. The best way of doing this is to look at your current menu and put it through some analysis. Make a list of dishes that sell and those that don’t, and then decide whether you want to keep the ones that are not popular. Try to work out why they are not popular. It may be due to the current menu layout, which should be analysed along with the colours, font and general design.


 2. Keep Layout Easy on the Eye

Try to ensure that your menu is clearly laid out and separated into distinct sections for starters, mains and desserts. The use of boxes and colour to do this will work well. In addition, make sure that high-margin dishes appear first and last within each section, as the customer’s eye will be drawn to them.


3. Rethink Your Card Stock

The material that you use is important, and it needs to be able to withstand a lot of handling. It also needs to be easy to clean in the event of spillages. If you are going for a sturdy card, a good example is our brand new Crush Paper and Card which is made with real nut and fruit extracts, giving you a beautiful, lightly speckled finish. Also new, Craft Paper Tabacco has a natural uncoated surface on both sides featuring natural speckles, a great look for a pub menu. Silk Paper is also a great material and if you want to be environmentally friendly, our Recycled Papers are perfect.


 4. Spell It Out

Use descriptive, enticing language for each dishes.Bring the recipe, flavours, textures and aromas to life with words like  freshly baked, hand cut, drizzled with and tossed in. Present your customers with an offering they simply can’t choose between.


 5. Draw Your Customers a Picture

Provided they are done well, pictures can provide an added appeal to the descriptions and assist the customer in making their choice. No one can resist a chocolate fudge cake dripping with hot chocolate sauce when they see one.


6. Finish with a Unique Spin

Add a little of your own/ the pubs personality to the menu. Ensuring that there is something unique about your offering that sets it apart from others. These could include interesting facts about the pub, people love a little history, or the recipes used – secret family recipe passed down generations?

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