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Pulp Board What Can it be Used For in The Office?

If you always thought Pulp board served only one purpose in the print room then think again.  With a little imagination, we will show you how pulp can become so much more useful. We are going to show you just how quickly it can be transformed.

What is Pulp Board Used For?

1. Print Runs & Photocopying

Print and Photocopy on Pulp board is economic and easy.  During each print run pulp does require more ink to be consumed since pulp soaks quite a lot more ink into the fibers of the sheet.  The fibrous nature of pulp as a result of the materials used to manufacture, make the surface of the sheet not as smooth as say a super smooth matt sheet. If you are looking for a needle sharp print quality then you would want to use the Super Smooth finish papers.




2. Tags and Labels

Marker pens and stickers are no problem for pulp board making it the ideal choice for tags and labels.  Labelled, stamped or written on with permanent marker pens, pulp board will soak up the ink instantly without leaving a smudge.

3. Stamping & Alcohol Based Pens

You may find that due to the low cost to manufacture white pulp board it makes the ideal for designing stamping cards for bingo halls.  The ink from the dabber will be instantly dry allowing players to concentrate on getting a full house.  Alcohol-based pens the ink will not smudge on the surface of the pulp card stock weights from 160GSM to 300GSM.

4. Card Making

Seasonal card making is easy to do on a budget.  Card blanks where the high-end quality of image printing is not essential, you will find pulp board is the ideal choice.  The 240GSM weight is the most popular for card blanks; there is a 285 and 300GSM for those that have a printer that will print the heavier card stock weights.

What do you find pulp useful for?  Please leave a comment below


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