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Vellum Paper 5 Top Tips When Printing for Wedding Invites

Vellum Paper

Printing on vellum paper is not as straightforward as printing on ordinary paper, but with a little patience you can learn how to use this attractive medium for many craft projects.

5 tips for printing on vellum paper..


1. Use a Transparency Setting

Because the printer ink dries more slowly on vellum than it would on conventional paper, use a transparency setting if your printer has one. This will mean that less ink goes on to the paper from the printer. The downside of using a transparency setting is that you will not get such crisp, bold and perfect printing, and it may still take a long time to dry.


If your printer does not have a transparency setting, select a setting such as “draft” or “economy” to limit the amount of ink used.


2. Choose Your Vellum Paper

If you select office supply vellum or vellum that is specifically made for inkjet printers, it should print quite well. Unfortunately, this type of vellum is often less decorative than some of the pearlescent vellum available and does not come in such a wide range of colours.


Vellum often has a different finish on each side, so if you can see a difference, opt for the more matt side to print on.


3. Select Your Font

Large fonts with wide lines are more problematic on vellum than those with finer lines, due to the amount of ink used for each letter. It is also a good idea to format the text to make the spaces between the characters wider.

Images, as well as words, work better if they do not have too much ink, so try to choose fairly simple designs without any large solid areas of print.


4. Be Patient

Because vellum is less porous than conventional paper, the ink takes much longer to dry. To avoid ink smears, you need to leave your printing until it is totally dry before touching it. Test a small corner first to see if the ink has dried properly. If this is taking a very long time, you can speed up the process by using a hairdryer gently on the print.


5. Printer Tips

Sometimes you can experience paper-feed problems when using vellum paper because it can tend to curl on the corners. To avoid this, you can try using a piece of conventional printer paper attached to the vellum with double-sided tape along the top edge. If this is fed into the printer first, it will draw the vellum through.


It can also be helpful to set the top margin on your word processing software to a minimum of one inch so that the printer has a good opportunity to grip the vellum.


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