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Vellum Paper What Is It and How Can You Use It?

Vellum Paper is a must-have craft product. Whether you’re crafting greeting cards, creating scrapbook pages or embossing in parchment craft, the possibilities are endless.


What Is Vellum Paper?

Vellum Paper

Vellum paper is a smooth, durable, high-quality transparent paper with an elegant feel. The word ‘vellum’ comes from the French ‘velin’, which means calf-skin. Modern vellum is a synthetic material made from pure vegetable protein. It adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to craft designs but must be handled with care due to its delicate nature.


How Can You Use Vellum Paper?


Vellum is one of the most versatile crafting papers available, allowing you to be as creative and experimental as you wish. It’s the paper of choice for Pergamano or parchment crafts, but it’s also has many more uses as seen below.


  1. Print on Vellum

Print images or text on to vellum paper to create a dramatic overlay. It can take a while for the ink to dry, so allow plenty of time. This technique is perfect for crafts such as wedding invitations.

  1. Create Craft Envelopes

Custom-made envelopes in vellum paper allow decorative stationery paper to show through, creating a pretty custom effect. You can use regular envelope templates with vellum, but be sure to use only vellum glue.



  1. Enhance Scrapbook Pages

Print your own quotes or buy ready-printed vellum quotes, overlay images or create pouches. Layer up stamped designs for a 3D look.

  1. Create 3D Designs

Bring your design to life with 3D crafts. Trace or print your image onto the vellum paper, decorate and cut out. These are perfect for adding the finishing touches to crafts such as cards and scrapbooks.

  1. Design Tracing

Select your chosen design and trace it onto the vellum paper. The texture of the paper allows you to create a softer, less harsh image. You could even create multiple sketches layer the vellum which is a great technique for producing a 3D effect



  1. Overlay Photographs and Patterned Paper

Create a veiled, soft effect on photographs by laying a sheet of vellum over your print.




Have you made your own vellum paper crafts? Why not share them with us?


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