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How to choose Wedding Stationery Invitation Paper

For many couples, making their own wedding invitations is a fun way to add a personal touch to their wedding stationery. Wedding stationery paper needs to be of the right weight to look and feel luxurious. It also acts to set the appropriate tone for the theme and style of the wedding event. To help you make the right choice for your wedding stationery paper, we have written a guide to ease you through this important choice.

Top 4 Points to choosing the right wedding stationery paper

Wedding Stationery Paper

1. Know your paper weight from your stock

Paper which is too thin will simply feel cheap and poor quality, giving the wrong impression to guests. Paper which is too thick and heavy will be designed for printing using professional machinery.

Did you know that paper is graded according to its weight? It is measured in terms of the weight in pounds when it is on the ream. A ream is equivalent to around 500 sheets of uncut paper. In metric, a weight is given in Grams per Squared Metre (GSM) – that is to say, a package marked 110GSM weighed 110 gram per squared metre of uncut sheets.

In addition to weight, the ‘stock’ or type / texture of paper selected will also make a difference. Plain card stock is the most typical choice, being very inexpensive and widely available in a number of colours. Its texture is not perfectly smooth, but it will not distort printed lettering and can also handle large areas of printed colour without bleeding. Hammer & Linen Texture are also highly sought after – you can read more about their different features by visiting the Paper Cutz website.

2. Decide which colour best complements your design

Using a white coloured paper makes any printed motif or design stand out, plus it is easy to find corresponding envelopes to match. Ivory or cream paper is also very popular as it matches a wide variety of themes and styles.

Coloured papers are widely available in a range of weights, but be aware that the darker the paper, the darker the design will need to be for printing purposes. Printing onto a purple card, for instance, will mean that mostly black ink is required – great if it is text to be printed, less so if there are images or design elements to consider.

Rather than using coloured wedding invitation paper, consider using a white or neutral colour with bold highlights such as a border or motif which is easy to achieve if you’re making them at home.

3. Postage and packaging

When designing the overall size and layout, keep in mind that postage costs increase in proportion to the overall size and weight of the invitation. You can consider flat invitations, single fold cards, double-folded front opening cards or envelope wallets with single layers inside. Are you going to be including any additional information within the invitation, such as an RSVP postcard, a menu selection card or a sheet of local information like hotels and transport? This all adds to the overall cost.

4. Printing at home vs professional printing

Printing invitations and inserts at home can be done with a little patience. It can be significantly cheaper than using the services of a professional printer. However it can be consuming and will tend to take much longer than predicted, so don’t forget to factor this into your schedule.

There are also the costs of consumables such as printer ink to factor in to the budget. Printing using a professional service will tend to be much more expensive, but the results are guaranteed. This is a decision which individual couples must make according to their own preferences.

It’s time to get started!

Now is the time to think about colours, styles and designs. Making wedding invitations is the first step towards the wedding itself and is an especially exciting time. The invites will set the tone for what is expected, highlight the colour and theme and will make the first impression to invited guests.

Are you still confused as to where to start with your wedding stationery paper and have a question? If so, either leave a comment or read more.

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