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A4 White Card with International Fun at Work Day

Did you know April 1st is International Fun at Work Day? We’re using A4 White card one of your general office supplies to help us celebrate the day.  It just so happens that it also coincides with April Fool’s Day, giving you freedom let your hair down and enjoy a laugh at the office. Here are a few excellent ideas for a day to remember.

white card

A4 White Card at the Ready…


1. Make an origami fortune teller with office forfeits:
Now you can really use this one to your advantage. Forfeits could be those tasks everyone tries to get out of such as cup of tea duty for the rest of the week, answering the phones or making them push you around in your chair for all office travelling.


  1. Hold a colleagues dinner hostage:

Leave your colleague a note on the fridge offering their dinner back in exchange for something. Test the boundaries to see just how much they want their lunch back.




  1. Paper aeroplane contest:

Now we know these are usually made from paper but using A4 card means sturdier stronger planes. Get a contest going with colleagues to see who can launch their plane the furthest. Loser gets a turn on the origami fortune teller.





4. The mouse prank:

Use sticky tape to stick a piece of card over the sensor of your colleague’s mouse. You could even leave a note or draw a picture as a clue to the guilty party.



  1. Who Am I?

Write all your colleagues’ name on a piece of card and get everyone to pick out a random name, stick the card on their forehead and begins asking questions to find out ‘who am I’? Be careful what you say.

  1. Make an office pet:

What type of pet have you always wanted but your parents wouldn’t let you? A bunny, polar bear or a snow leopard maybe? Well now’s your chance! See how to make some other origami animals here.

How are you celebrating International Fun at Work Day?


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